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Fast Fork

The state of the art 4ZA Fast fork brings bicycle aerodynamics to a new level. Our main goal being to reduce the drag generated by a spinning wheel and to eliminate turbulence from the front brake.

Both of these problems are a thing of the past, when using the wind-cheating 4ZA Fast fork. By integrating the front brake in the rear leg of the Split-fork, the brake is not only shielded from the wind, it also increases the performance of the Split-fork since the drag is now neutralized from axle to fork crown.

The 4za FAST fork is compatible with all road frames that feature a 1 1/2" lower bearing and 1 1/8" upper bearing.

Fork crow race diameter : 39,8mm

Steerer tube diameter : 28,6mm

Steerer tube length : 300mm

Fork weight : 505g

Fork rake : 44m

Due to the tapered steerer tube the minimum required head tube length is 70mm

Available in 3 colors

  • Black with fast logo (FKMIBSZA001)
  • Black (FKMIBSZA002)
  • White (FKMIBSZA003)

The FAST Fork is delivered with

  • micro adjuster & spring (ready assembled)
  • 4za Quick
  • brake pad holders with brake pad for aluminum rim
  • instruction manual


Size : 0,5 Mb

4ZA test riders

Cirrus saddle test (10/09/2013)

After the Stratos saddle I switched to the Cirrus saddle. First I tried the 130mm saddle for a couple of weeks and then switched to the 145mm.

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Stratos saddle test (05/06/2013)

I tested the 4ZA Stratos saddles during the last 3 weeks. I got the saddles from the 4ZA product manager Yannick Christiaens.

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Life at the Cape Epic (by Ron) (21/03/2013)

Day one : prologue

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Getting Nervous? (10/03/2013)

Hi all,

2 days untill departure and 6 days untill the start.
Heading out to South Africa with the 4ZA team soon.

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