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Stratos Lady

Published in Stratos

1 Guaranteed comfort thanks to increased High Density padding

2 Anatomical cutout following the female body geometry

3 Reinforced nylon shell

Cirrus Lady

Published in Cirrus

1 Centre cutout for reduced pressure

2 Hollow titanium rails, dual density shell and lightweight padding

3 Women’s specific model features wider for better sit bone placement

1 Available in two widths for better anatomical fit: 130mm & 145mm

2 Dual density shell and lightweight foam padding for increased comfort

3 Available in many different color options

4ZA test riders

Cirrus saddle test (10/09/2013)

After the Stratos saddle I switched to the Cirrus saddle. First I tried the 130mm saddle for a couple of weeks and then switched to the 145mm.

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Stratos saddle test (05/06/2013)

I tested the 4ZA Stratos saddles during the last 3 weeks. I got the saddles from the 4ZA product manager Yannick Christiaens.

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Life at the Cape Epic (by Ron) (21/03/2013)

Day one : prologue

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Getting Nervous? (10/03/2013)

Hi all,

2 days untill departure and 6 days untill the start.
Heading out to South Africa with the 4ZA team soon.

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